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» Square lampshade frame
Square lampshade frame

Square lampshade carcass

All the square-base lampshade carcasses we use to make our lampshades are on sale to everyone, and are always in stock at the côte ouest déco workshop. Delivery within 2 days.

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White epoxy high pyramid lampshade carcass to make your own lampshades.
ATELIER CÔTE OUEST DÉCO offers lampshade frames, lamp bases, polyphanes, electrical materials, glues, braids, kits for making lampshades, wall lights and hanging lamps.
Square white epoxy pyramid lampshade carcass for making your own lampshades.
Square pyramid lampshade carcass for DIY lampshade making. In stock from 15 cm to 50 cm base. See also our DIY square pyramid lampshade kits.
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