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» How to choose the shape of a lampshade?

How to choose the shape of a lampshade?

Friday 09 September 2016

How to choose the shape of a lampshade for a lamp stand?

There are many shapes of lampshade: Conical, Dome, Empire, Conical, American,
Drum, Square, Rectangular, Pyramidal, Pagoda, Tonkinese, Chinese, Chimney and of course custom made.


A lampshade with a small diameter opening at the top (e.g. Tonkinese, Chinese, Chimney...) will diffuse the light from the bulb downwards and very little upwards.


A shade with a large top opening (e.g. Cylinder, Drum, American...) will spread the light both upwards and downwards.


Choose the shape according to the elements that make up the base of the lamp (e.g. for a square base, select a Square, Pyramidal, Square Conical shade...)


You can contact us for more information by sending us a photo of your lamp base.  

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