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Round lampshade frames

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Round V-shaped head for making rigid lampshades (with polyphane).
To make lampshades, you need head and bare structures. At the CÔTE OUEST DÉCO workshop, you'll find all the materials and advice you need to make your own lampshades, wall lights and hanging lamps.
Round lyre shade head with 11 mm hole for making shades for hot-water bottle lamps and American lyre lamps.
To make shades for a hot-water bottle lamp or American system, you need to buy a lyre shade head with a 5 mm or 11 mm hole that will fit perfectly on the luminaire. In stock.
Circle head for making lampshades. Available in diameters from 6 cm to 100 cm.
Always in stock, headed circle with rings for E27 sockets to make lampshades are available from 6 cm to 100 cm and made to measure.
Bare circle in white epoxy metal for lighting fixtures. Diameters from 6 cm to 100 cm in stock, 2-day delivery from our CÔTE OUEST DÉCO workshop.
Metal circles used to make lampshades and hanging baskets and for creative hobbies and DIY, available in sizes from 6 cm to 100 cm and always in stock.
Round clip for making lampshades and attaching them directly to the bulb in your luminaire.
Clips for making lampshades. Available in several shapes and sizes. The lampshade clips fit flame or ball bulbs. In stock, 2-day delivery.
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