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Square lampshade frames

Square lampshade frame.

ATELIER CÔTE OUEST DÉCO uses square lampshade structures to make its lampshades and hanging lamps.
Find all our square lampshade structures: head, nude, set (head and nude of the same dimensions), clip for round bulbs or flames.

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Square clip for clipping onto flame or ball bulbs.
Our CÔTE OUEST DÉCO supplies include square clips for making small lampshades that clip directly onto the flame or ball bulb.
Square games for making light fittings: straight lampshades and pendant lights.
Discover the square structures used to make lighting: straight square lampshades and pendant lights. Head and neck are the same dimensions we use in the CÔTE OUEST DÉCO workshop.
Nude square structure for making lights: DIY lampshades and hanging lights
To make a basic square lampshade, you need a square head, a square base, a square set (head + base of the same dimensions), or a square frame depending on the shape you want.
Square head for making lampshades, used DIY
Square head for making lampshades. Available immediately from 7 x 7 cm and made to measure. Available in bare square and square sets (head + bare of the same dimensions).
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