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              On one of the main squares of Vannes, Christine Goallo is installed in her workshop which she calls "my tower".

located on top of the family house since 1998.

As a designer, Christine creates and makes accessories for fashion and decoration under the brand name CG DE VANNES.

She mainly uses natural materials: silk, linen, cotton, flannel...

In the winter garden located on the ground floor, Christine presents her creations as well as those of western companies that she selects for their quality and know-how.

for their quality and know-how.

She receives visitors by appointment and organises private sales by invitation.


I always have a keen eye, a brain in motion and creative hands. Welcome to my world !

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Elegant white Design wall light with black finish.
The white Design wall light is elegant and chic, with its border and black pom-pom/flochette. Made to measure on request. In stock. Delivery within 2 days.
Wall lamp in white linen with black braid and borders. Manufactured by the cote-ouest-deco.com workshop
This elegant wall lamp in white linen decorated with a fine black braid diffuses a beautiful light and brings a chic note to your interior. It is made in France by cote-ouest-deco.com
White linen tea towel embroidered with a crown. Available in 3 colours. Made in France
Beautiful white linen tea towel embroidered with a very decorative ducal crown for kitchen decoration. Made in France, the embroidered linen tea towel is soft and absorbent.
Jouy cloth tea towel
Tea towels are stylish in the kitchen for wiping dishes, glassware and hands. We suggest you choose your cotton or linen tea towel from our collection made in France
Melle Coco tie in black and white houndstooth flannel, designed by CG DE VANNES
Elegant Melle Coco tie for women, worn on a blouse, it marks a very modern couture style. The black & white houndstooth pattern of the Melle Coco tie is timeless.
Surprising LINA FORNASETTI lamp in chrome-plated metal with a half-shade in LINA design, suitable for all classic or contemporary interiors.
Table lamp ÉLISABETH in black wood and its shade in crimson red pleated silk.
Table lamp ELISABETH in black wood, with a pleated and beaded silk shade, it diffuses a soft, subdued light. 2 unique pieces, available immediately.
White Valenciennes lace cuff
CD cuffs made of Valenciennes lace. Wearing cuffs brings elegance and femininity, it is an essential fashion accessory to have in your wardrobe.
Delicate H cuff in white linen and strass
The linen H cuffs from Créations CG DE VANNES are worn to embellish the wrists. It is the small original accessory useful to give a feminine touch.
Melle Coco Cuffs
Nice pair of "Melle Coco" cuffs. It is very feminine and elegant to wear cuffs on your wrists. A pair of Melle COCO cuffs is an original accessory to spice up your outfit.
The small tie printed Mondrian
The Mondrian tie is a short tie for women. It adds character to your outfit!
DIANE powder pink cushion in square or rectangular percale, created by  CÔTE OUEST DÉCO
Bring a touch of softness into your home with the Diane powder pink cushion. Its elegant toile de Jouy pattern printed on percale creates a warm, elegant and soft atmosphere.
Removable collar Melle Coco in houndstooth flannel
Removable collar Melle Coco is made of black and white houndstooth flannel. It can be worn over a cardigan, jumper, jacket or coat. Soft and comfortable and very feminine.
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