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» » How to give an antique chandelier a new look.

How to give an antique chandelier a new look.

Monday 27 May 2024

How to transform an antique chandelier.

You will need

  •  good quality acrylic paint in the colour of your choice.
  •  1 brush (not too big for acrylic paint)
  •  1 cloth

Step 1: Don't neglect !

  • Remove the pendants (if any)
  • Unscrew and remove the part of the end of the chain that hangs from the ceiling.
  • Clean the chandelier to remove all traces of dust, fly droppings, etc.
  • Remove the chain and lef ourreau from the fake candles (it's more practical!)

Step 2:

  • Apply 2 coats of paint, respecting the drying time between the 2 indicated on the can.

Step 3:

  • Clean the sleeves of the fake candles.
  • Paint them if necessary
  • Replace them on the chandelier.                                  It's changed already, hasn't it ?

Step 4:

  • Measure the diameter of the chandelier
  • Determine the height of the lampshade to choose according to your taste.
  • Buy a lyre-mounted shade with an 11 mm hole to hang at least 5 cm larger than the diameter of the chandelier.
  • Or make your own, but with an 11 mm hole lyre structure.
  • Place the shade on the threaded top.

Step 5:

  • Screw on the hanger.
  • Replace the chain
  • Thread the thread cover onto the chain
  • Place the repainted cup
  • Plug in and fix the dressed chandelier in place.
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